Natural Deodorant Alternatives

People might smirk when they hear about natural deodorant alternatives, but it just might be worth listening too. There is often a misconception about natural products in that many believe them to be a scam or that they are less effective. The reality is that natural products are every bit as good as their artificially made counterparts. Many synthetically produced chemicals used in products like deodoarnts are done so primarily due to cost. It is much more cost effective for a large company to make an ingredient rather than have to wait for it to grow.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to cost. For many of us, that is the most important factor. Natural products tend to cost more due to the reason mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, many of us value health, especially long term health, over a few dollars. For those health conscious individuals like myself, there is no price on keeping the body healthy.

As we've all heard, many deodorant products contain aluminum and paraben chemicals that have been linked to serious health issues. For this reason, it becomes even more important to find natural ways to keep body odor a way. Companies like Tom's Of Maine and Burt's Bees do make natural deodorant products, but some of them still contain aluminum chlorohydrate.

The Crystal Rock deodorant is a good natural alternative that utilizes mineral salts as a way to keep body odor in check. It does little for perspiration, but it definitely helps with body odor. I had a niece who tried many different deodorants, but nothing really helped her underarm odor. One day she tried the Crystal and it seemed to really help her.

My personal favorite is the use of chlorophyll supplements like Body Mint. It uses only natural ingredients and works internally to get rid of odor. It's like an internal deodorant pill which is a pretty cool concept.

Bottom line is that whatever you do, it is important to at least consider the option of natural deodorant alternatives. With the world becoming more and more polluted, the quality of life seems to change for the worse. Do your body good, and be mindful of what you're putting into it.

What Causes Bad Breath

So my last post about garlic got me thinking; what really causes our breath to stink? I decided to do a little research. Call it pure curiosity, a need to know, or just because I'm bored out of my mind, but I figure there are people out there who will find this information useful. God knows the person I sit next to on the bus would.

As most of us know, one cause of bad breath is because of bacteria. I always assumed it was the bacteria that stunk, but it turns out that it's not them per se, but rather what they do that causes bad breath. Bacteria eat the junk in our mouths and bascially poop out smelly stuff that make our breath smell.. hence bad breath.

In addition, as my last post mentioned, foods can cause bad breath. Foods contain sulfide compounds that get released during digestion and are absorbed into the organs. In the lungs, they come out like gang busters when you breathe. Also foods can cause dryness of the mouth as well as reduce saliva production. Saliva is important in helping to regulate bacteria in the mouth. More bacteria means more odor compounds being produced. Less saliva means more bacteria present.

Other reasons you breath might smell is because you're simply unhealthy. People often say that what goes on outside of the body is a reflection of how things are doing inside. Toxins and other smelly things build up when organs and digestion are not working properly. Liver and Kidneys help to purify the body of these things and if they aren't in order, your breath odor will suffer because of it.

Lastly, sugar is a big reason for bad breath. It actually affects the acid levels in the mouth. By defalut, our mouths have a balanced pH. Sugar can throw that off and cause bacteria to grow much more rapidly than normal.

For more information about what causes bad breath and what can be done about it, you can check out,

How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Garlic is delicious, no dobut about it. It can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. Its earthy flavor, subtle tangy bite, and intense aroma make it any food lovers must have on most dishes. While it's a joy for the palette, garlic can and will wreck havoc on your breath. In fact, it's probably the most common food item responsible for stinking up our mouths.

How? How can something so delectable be such a breath killer? Well as nature would have it, this bursting bulb of flavor also contains rather high amounts of sulfide compounds such as allicin and allyl methyl sulfide. These compounds are what gives garlic its odor.

As garlic is metabolized in the body, these volatile sulfur compounds are absorbed into the blood and lungs. They eventually make there way out of the body through sweat, skin and as you breath. This is why garlic breath will stay with you for many hours after you've eaten it... often times, until the next day.

Getting rid of garlic odor is difficult because it is originating internally from inside the body. Brushing, gum and mints provide topical relief but don't get at the source of the issue. I've seen people recommend mustard, honey and milk as ways to get rid of it.

Another option are leafy greens or chlorophyllin tablets; even a shot of wheat grass might do the trick. The key is the chlorophyll contained in these greens. Chlorophyll has the ability to absorb sulfide compounds released from garlic (and onions) and neutralize them before they get released from the body. First used for deodorizing purposes as far back as the 50s, it has shown to be both a great natural deodorant as well as a way to reduce bad breath.

So the next time you're out at a resturant and decide on that garlic alfredo pasta, make sure to get the salad before hand. Your breath will thank you as well as your date.

Girl Talk

Talking about feminine odor can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation. Regardless, it' something that most women don't constantly think about, but yet when a 'situation' comes up, it's one of the first things on their minds. Routine bathing and washing is generally sufficient enough to keep your vaginal area clean and odor free, however there are times when that isn't always the case.

Odor can be caused for other reasons outside of hygiene. In fact, feminine odor can be a result of infection, medication, stress and even food. Each have external factors that can result in a less than plesant smell. Food for example are comprised of many different compounds. Some of the them, especially ones found in foods high in protein contain trimethylamine; a compound with a rather fishy odor. It is absorbed into the body and released through the vagina. Each person is unique in their ability to process this which is why some people have a stronger smell than others.

A good remedy for feminine odor is a product called Body Mint Lady. It's formulated for a woman and designed specifically to target internal odors. It works by absorbing these malodors and neutralizing them. It's a pill which means there is nothing to rub or insert. It's also made from natural ingredients making it a safe and healthy option for those who are concerned about things like that.
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